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EnoguToon for Maya

A set of ShaderFX shaders and tools for quickly and efficiently rendering in a variety of non-photorealistic styles.

  • Real-time rendering with Viewport 2.0

  • Supports all Viewport 2.0 features and lights

  • Coloursheet Editor script for editing multiple colours at the same time

Two different ShaderFX shaders for different ways of toon shading:

  • Parameter-based cel shader with options for setting the light split position, blurring the shading slices, Phong and Anisotropic specular highlights, fresnel rim lighting, textures (multiplied), screen-space shadow masks, and vertex colour based light split influencing. Supports multiple lights.

  • Texture lookup based cel shader for specific shading based on light direction and view direction. Supply a 2D texture for shading and optionally a texture for colour. Supports a single directional light.

Tested on Maya 2016 to 2022. Not compatible with Maya LT.

(Please note this is a ShaderFX shader, which means it is only compatible with Maya Hardware 2.0)

NOTE: This product does not include vertex normal editing tools. The Vertex Normal Paint Tool is a separate product.

21 ratings

  • ShaderFX Shaders, Shelf, Scripts, Documentation
  • Size18.6 MB
  • Maya2016 ~ 2022
  • Commercial UseYes


EnoguToon for Maya

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